Contacting the CRA

On-The-Air Net

The CRA holds its weekly Net every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. local time on the 147.225 and 224.980 repeaters from Conifer Mountain in Denver and other areas of Northeast Colorado, 145.160 from Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and other areas of Southeast and South Central Colorado, and 145.460 from Eldorado Mountain in Boulder. Should 147.225 be off-the-air, look for the net on on 145.460.

Our net features announcements of interest, the Newsline Report, the CRA Swaplist and much more.

U. S. Mail

Post Office Box 1013
Parker, Colorado 80134-1013


Call the CRA at 303-840-4CRA (303-840-4272).


Send your comments, membership database updates, requests for membership information, and CRA Swaplist subscription requests to

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