Changes at our Conifer site

[Update 7/16/2017, WA1JHK]  Today's work day at the Conifer site was a success.  Thanks to Dave WA1JHK, Barry N0KV, Brad K0BJR and Jim WD0E for getting this work done in advance of the tower construction project that starts tomorrow.  We have removed the antennas and feedlines from the tower that were required prior to the construction.

Watch this space for updates...

[7/9/2017, WA1JHK] Our host at our Conifer site has begun a tower replacement project at Conifer that will result in the tower we are on being removed sometime in August.  In preparation for the move, we had a crew at the Conifer site on Saturday, 7/8, to begin removing antennas and feedlines from the tower in preparation for the removal of the tower.

As a result, the 53.05 and 1287.9 repeaters are temporarily off the air during their move. 147.225 and 447.150 continue to operate normally, though 147.225 is operating on a temporary antenna.

Thanks to our crew: Dave WA1JHK, Barry N0KV, Lexi N0LXI, Pat N0DXE, Brad K0BJR and Rich W9BNO.


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