Looking for nets on 147.225? Try 145.460.

Because of the Conifer site move, 147.225 is now at Westcreek and its coverage is different than when it was located on Conifer Mountain.  All nets are again available on the CRA VHF Link System of 145.460, 145.160, and 147.225.  Our new 145.460 location on Eldorado Mountain southwest of Boulder provides excellent coverage of Boulder, Denver, the surrounding area and points east.  The new 147.225 location at Westcreek provides coverage in Douglas County and south Denver.  You may have to try another repeater to access the CRA VHF Link System than you have been used to.

145.460 is linked to 145.160 in Colorado Springs and 147.225 at Westcreek.  145.460 is now permanently linked to 147.225 and 145.160 to enable Boulder area users to join the nets.

If you have questions, send us an email at cra@w0cra.org.

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