145.160 Link to VHF Link System Repaired

[12/31/2020, WA1JHK]  FIXED!!!  Yesterday, Doug K2AD and I traveled to the club's Cheyenne Mountain repeater site to repair the link from the 145.160 repeater to the club's VHF Link System including 147.225 in Westcreek and 145.460 in Denver. The link is now operational. Note: later in the day, we heard low level broadcast band audio underneath 145.160 users. We are investigating.

[9/24/2020, WA1JHK]  Well, it was up for a few days, now down again.  The temporary fix only held until the next power failure on the site.  Work is finishing up on the replacement hardware.  We'll get down there soon as time allows.

[7/2/2020, WA1JHK]  Sorry for the delay getting this repair done.  The coronavirus has gotten in the way of much of this work.  We now have all the materials and are preparing the hardware for installation.  Thank you for your patience.

[4/24/2020, WA1JHK]  On 4/22 at 1pm, the link from the CRA's 145.160 to the rest of the VHF Link System, 147.225 and 145.460, went off-line.  We have not been able to revive it remotely.  We are preparing the materials we need to travel to Cheyenne Mountain to repair the link.  Watch this space for status updates.

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